Cape Town Gutter Cleaning Services

Safe and regular gutter cleaning is crucial to protect your property from expensive water damage, especially in the beautiful City of Cape Town where the rainy and windy weather demands ongoing attention to ensure optimal gutter functioning.

Gutters are there for a reason and catch the water that runs off, channelling it away from the roof, the facia boards, the walls and the foundations. As this water runs off and when it rains in Cape Town and surrounding areas and as the wind blows, leaves and debris collect in the gutters.

This may not seem like a big problem, but neglecting to clean your gutters regularly can create a range of potential future problems.

  • Blocked gutters mean that water is not being guided away from the building, but rather builds up and continually flows and/or drips down the walls of the building.
  • Water running down building walls to the ground below can cause a great deal of damage, ranging from flooding to spoiled, peeling paint, rot and mould, and long-term deterioration. You might even find pests making nests in the debris.
  • Sagging gutters or damaged gutters, which will then have to be replaced sooner than its lifespan when regularly cleaned.
  • Roof leaks, rotting fascia boards, and cracked walkways or patios can all result from gutters that are not regularly cleaned.
  • If your property’s guttering is not clean enough to drain the water from your roof in such a way as to prevent erosion of the ground below, you may also sooner than later face a situation in which the foundation of the property is absorbing water. This could create raising damp in the walls, the flooding of basements and other very expensive repairs in the future.

For all these reasons, it is very important to keep your gutters in top shape to protect your property and avoid high replacement and repair costs in the future.

Gutter cleaning services in Cape Town

  • Cape Town is also known for its stormy weather and strong winds. These weather conditions are ideal for distributing leaves, twigs, small branches and random debris. Over time, this will clog up gutters. In areas in which stormy weather and strong winds are common, gutters will become clogged up sooner.
  • While it is especially important to clean your gutters thoroughly before the rainy season, regular cleaning is recommended throughout the year, especially in Cape Town where strong winds and stormy weather are experienced often.
  • For the best protection against expensive water damage, a property’s gutters should be cleaned thoroughly at least twice a year.

When to call the Gutter cleaning services professionals to clean your gutters

  • Not cleaning your gutters regularly will soon necessitate replacing the gutters – which will end up costing you ten times more than even having them cleaned by a contractor. Cleaning your gutters regularly and thoroughly will ensure that the gutters get a far longer lifespan, thereby saving you a lot of money in the long run.
  • We would recommend that you call in the professionals if you have been putting it off cleaning your gutters for some time; if you are not accustomed to strenuous physical work; if you do not have all the required tools and safety equipment; when your gutters are higher than one storey; or if the gutters are in a poor state of repair.

Why Use RENU Painting and Waterproofing?

Here’s why we believe our gutter cleaning services are your best option:

  • Our team is highly accountable, reliable and work with care.
  • Our experienced teams work fast and efficiently.
  • We clean gutters carefully and safely, using the correct tools.
  • Our services are of high quality at affordable prices.
  • We also don’t simply clean your gutters, we also provide the care you can expect from professionals: preventative maintenance, making recommendations for any necessary repairs and providing advice regarding preventing potential future problems.

To make the final decision about whether to get in a professional and experienced gutter cleaning contractor, simply contact us or phone 083 651 5813 to assist with a quote.

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