Structural Repairs, Dampproofing and Sealing

Structural repairs and spalling repairs

Although concrete is a strong substance, it requires steel reinforcing and over time and through exposure to the elements, the steel is susceptible to deterioration due to moisture ingress which causes carbonisation and/or chlorides that affect the steel. It is imperative that this deterioration is addressed timeously in order to avoid larger costs based on structural damage over time.

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Dampproofing and rising damp

The damp proofing treatment to prevent rising damp is a necessary service in and around Cape Town because of our severe weather and high water table in many areas. Most older buildings lack the installation of damp coursing at construction stage or failure of the old bitumen-based damp course layer. Rising damp is moisture rising up the wall by capillary action which is made possible by the damp course being damaged / decayed, incorrectly installed or omitted entirely. Evidence of rising damp: Visible signs of blistering paintwork, hygroscopic plaster and efflorescent salting.

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Sealing of expansion joints, windows and door frames

Sealing of windows, door frames and other protrusions allows elasticity for movement/shifting within a structure from winter to summer. This helps to prevent water from penetrating joints and surfaces.

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